Can Blackpool Shake Off the Old Image?

This is the big question where Blackpool is concerned and trust me, the town is doing all it can to attempt to attract a different demographic of cliental. However, this is not that easy when we are still licking our wounds after one of the worst recessions in living memory. Money is not always there to carry out exactly what Blackpool needs at the moment.

Blackpool is only too aware of the press it receives from various sources; after all, we are not talking about luxury apartments in Rome here, are we? Blackpool hotels and b and b’s have somewhat of a reputation for being a little spit and sawdusty, but actually, when you look into this town a bit deeper, that is only one side of the coin.

Blackpool can also lay claim to being a town that has more than adequate facilities to cater to the higher classes. There are excellent four and five star hotels in the area and some truly excellent restaurants for that matter.

Blackpool may never be able to appeal to every single person’s taste in the world and neither should it ever attempt to do so. It really is simple: if you are that put off my a traditional British seaside resort that is doing its level best to offer the country a fun and friendly destination, perhaps it is best that you stay away in the first place – I hear Transylvania is lovely at this time of the year!

Enjoy a Weekend of Fun in Blackpool

With its miles of sandy beaches, Blackpool had the natural attractions to evolve over the years to become the UK’s most popular seaside destination. Man made attractions such as the Pleasure Beach and the Winter Gardens have ensured that this Lancashire town secures its reputation as a fun place to stay.

As would be expected from such a popular and iconic resort, the town boasts a seemingly inexhaustive number of guest houses and hotels to accommodate the large number of visitors to the resort.

As is the case with popular tourist destinations, Blackpool hotels are available to cater for every taste and function. There are, of course, a large number of family-friendly hotels for those affectionately known as the bucket and spade parade. In contrast to this, there are many hotels in close proximity to Blackpool’s busy nightlife, attracting the large number of visitors looking to enjoy hen or stag weekends in Blackpool.

Due to Blackpool’s continued popularity, attracting around 10 million mainly UK residents every year, it is commonly reported that the town boasts more hotel beds than there are in all of Portugal.

The town’s reputation as a cheap and cheerful resort ensures that it is an affordable and enjoyable destination for a weekend of fun.

Finding a Hotel Guide on Blackpool

When we go travelling there is one thing that we always have to plan for and that is an hotel. If you are travelling to Blackpool for instance you will need to plan in advance for hotel accommodation. Sometimes there are lots of rooms available and other times you may end up on a waiting list. If you cannot find a hotel in time it can make for a frustrating experience.

You will not find a travel awards 2010 in Blackpool, they are not known for their cleanliness and hospitality. Unlike Las Vegas for instance, Blackpool is not as flashy or spectacular.

All that aside, Blackpool can still be a very fun place to travel to. The nightlife is very fun and unique and offers something different that you will not find in most cities.

If you need to find a hotel you can check out several internet guides that will lead you to the most affordable hotels in the city. If you are going to Blackpool chances are you are more interested in having a good time than you are at staying at a five star resort.

Hotels are hard to find at certain times of the year which is why you should always book ahead. Finding a guide on the internet will make your search a lot easier.

Give Blackpool a Go!

Blackpool has recently had a serious image overhaul and long gone are the days of the moustachioed landlady with a bad attitude problem. It is now one of the trendier resorts, with some great nightlife as well as being a great place to take the kids. If you are looking for a new job, then you could certainly do worse than give Blackpool a go. There are many jobs in Blackpool particularly in the hospitality and entertainment sector. If you have a friendly disposition and like meeting people then this could be a new career of choice.

There are so many places to work there – hotels, pubs and clubs, restaurants and attractions – which will appeal to a broad range of people, with various skills. If you are outgoing then a front of house position such as a receptionist, bar tender or hotel manager might suit you.

If you prefer to leave the limelight to other people then you will find plenty of ideas – good chefs are always highly sought after, as are back end process managers such as accountants.

Whatever the job you choose in Blackpool, you can be sure that you are working in a vibrant and buzzing town with a new lease of life. People go there to enjoy themselves on holiday and as such it is a friendly town full of smiling people – when the weather shines!

Leaving the Image Behind

Unfortunately many people still have the image of Blackpool hotels as many of them were around forty or fifty years ago. You know, the battleaxe of a landlady with shared bathrooms and breakfasts of dubious quality. I am glad to say that things have changed dramatically over the last few years and you are as likely to find the B and B’s now with Egyptian cotton sheets and cube furniture.

Blackpool is fast becoming, once again, one of the trendier resorts as there is something for all ages. It is still very popular with families due to attractions such as the Sea life centre and the Pleasure Beach, but it is also very popular for weekends away and even for hen and stag nights.

The quality of accommodation has changed immeasurably over the last few years and there is now something to suit every budget and taste.

You can still find inexpensive B and B’s but they have had to up their game to compete and they are now often family-run places with a warm welcome. Most have ensuite bathrooms and there are all the mod cons such as plasma TV’s and Freeview.

There are also many new boutique hotels to be found in Blackpool. These contemporary and chic hotels offer a haven of peace in the middle of the bustling town.