Can Blackpool Shake Off the Old Image?

This is the big question where Blackpool is concerned and trust me, the town is doing all it can to attempt to attract a different demographic of cliental. However, this is not that easy when we are still licking our wounds after one of the worst recessions in living memory. Money is not always there to carry out exactly what Blackpool needs at the moment.

Blackpool is only too aware of the press it receives from various sources; after all, we are not talking about luxury apartments in Rome here, are we? Blackpool hotels and b and b’s have somewhat of a reputation for being a little spit and sawdusty, but actually, when you look into this town a bit deeper, that is only one side of the coin.

Blackpool can also lay claim to being a town that has more than adequate facilities to cater to the higher classes. There are excellent four and five star hotels in the area and some truly excellent restaurants for that matter.

Blackpool may never be able to appeal to every single person’s taste in the world and neither should it ever attempt to do so. It really is simple: if you are that put off my a traditional British seaside resort that is doing its level best to offer the country a fun and friendly destination, perhaps it is best that you stay away in the first place – I hear Transylvania is lovely at this time of the year!

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