The Advantages of Lunar Caravans: Beats a Hotel in Blackpool Any Day!

If you ask any caravan owner in the UK which company makes the lightest caravans, the answer will invariably be Lunar. Why is this important? As you might expect, the heavier the caravan the harder it is to pull. It also means that you will end up paying more for petrol. And if you are person who takes a lot of trips, this could end up costing you hundreds per year.

It is also a limiting factor. What we mean is that if you own a small car, it will be impossible to tow a larger or heavier caravan. This is one reason why many small car owners turn to Lunar caravans .

Lunar has been in the business of making lightweight caravans for over forty years now, and though they are often imitated, they are seldom duplicated. In fact, the average lunar caravan is up to 15% lighter than the competition. This makes them accessible to nearly any car owner.

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